Watt Bike

Watt Bike


The Watt Bike is simply the world's best indoor bike! Using a combination of air and magnetic resistance, the Wattbike creates a realistic feel that is does not compare with other indoor trainers. The Watt Bike is an indoor bike designed specifically for cyclists. The Watt Bike replicates the smooth feel of the road and precisely measures your data. If you want to be the best cyclist you can be, the Watt Bike is for you!


The Watt Bike analyses over 40 parameters of your riding so you can improve your speed and power. The Watt Bike is engineered to deliver accuracy within 2% across the full range of watts. Using the Watt Bike, you can measure power in left or right leg. You can use the Watt Bike to rehab athletes. The Wattbike provides accurate measurements of heart rate, cadence, leg balance, power and many other to provide coaches and trainers with a unique training tool.




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