Aqua Marina Champion Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard

Aqua Marina

Ideal for riders up to 253lbs/ 115kg

  • On Board Storage: Elastic bungee cords for cargo, Two fin boxes (middle and tail), AM universal insert for attaching windsurfing rig
  • Sail Rig Set: Dacron sail cloth with Monofilm Sail, 4-piece composite RDM mast, 3 piece adjustable clamp-on boom, Fixed base extension and 1-bolt base, Sail Bag
  • Durability: 6” (15cm) double –wall drop stitch PVC technology board
  • Rig Size: Sail 3.0m2, Luff 300cm, Boom 132cm, Mast 300cm
  • Product Dimension: 9’9” (117”) L x 30” W x 6” H / 300cm L x 75cm W x 15cm H
  • Weight: 23.6lbs (10.7kg) 

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